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Bringing together diverse innovators from across the healthcare AI & ML community.

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Lucem Health Innovation Collaborative Partner

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Join a partner program designed to move clinical AI/ML innovation to the front lines of healthcare. The Innovation Collaborative helps AI/ML and digital health innovators create, deploy, and commercialize solutions that transform care.

  • Access curated data from source systems to expand your source library
  • Collaborate with other model developers to create new solutions
  • Receive output and outcome data for Continuous Improvement
  • Connect with leading health systems

Partnering for Change

Partner with the Lucem Health Innovation Collaborative to accelerate delivery and adoption of your clinical AI models. From scaling development, managing, and adopting, to securing and continuously improving… and everything in-between we’re partnering to make clinical AI possible.

The Innovation Collaborative was designed with the overarching belief that we are better together. Powered by the Lucem Health’s comprehensive, agnostic platform we aim to bring together AI developers and digital health innovators to develop new solutions to help clinicians make better decisions, diagnose earlier, improve efficiency, and serve patients better.

We are consistently increasing our investment in our partnerships by offering more benefits and support through collaboration to bring about real change.

Innovation Collaborative Connecting People
AI Access Innovation Collaborative


Join an innovation network backed by Mayo Clinic Platform

Innovation Collaborative Connect


Collaborate with other AI/ML Developers, Researchers, Data Suppliers, and Digital Health Solution Providers

Innovation Collaborative Showcase


Demonstrate the value of your solution on a platform built for clinical AI innovators

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For AI and ML Innovators

Innovation Collaborative AI_ML Innovators

Focus on What You Do Best

Our AI/ML partners accelerate commercialization and leave deployment to us.

  • Deliver innovation from the bench to the bedside

  • Connect your models with real world data and applications

  • Gain clinician trust and adoption

Meet Our AI/ML Innovators

For Digital Health Innovators

Differentiate With AI

Our digital health partners seamlessly integrate AI models into their solutions.

  • Leverage innovative AI/ML models through a single endpoint

  • Accelerate your AI strategy

  • Collaborate with model developers and novel data providers

Innovation Collaborative Digital Health Innovators

Meet our Digital Health Innovators

Connecting the Dots Between Innovators and Patient Care


Together, let’s change the way healthcare is delivered

Are you an academic researcher or data scientist in healthcare AI? Bring your own data or model and join the Innovation Collaborative. For free.

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