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Hype to Health: Unlocking the Promise and Potential of AI in Healthcare

Artificial intelligence (AI) is nearly impossible to avoid — it’s everywhere. AI is having a profound and growing impact on nearly every aspect of ou…

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Challenge Accepted White Paper
White paper

Challenge Accepted: Turning AI’s Massive Potential into Real Healthcare Value

Turn your best AI innovations into solutions that deliver real value and lead to better healthcare outcomes.

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White paper

Five Key Challenges that are Slowing the Progress of AI in Healthcare

For data scientists in organizations who develop clinical AI models, it’s important to understand these headwinds…

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Continuous Improvement Share
White paper

Exploring a Broader View of the Clinical AI Continuous Improvement Lifecycle

This white paper highlights solutions for the main hurdles associated with implementing a continuous improvement lifecycle.

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Press Release

Lucem Health™ Announces Innovation Collaborative To Bring AI/ML To The Front Lines Of Healthcare

Today, Lucem Health launched a partner program designed to move clinical AI/ML innovation to the front lines of healthcare. The Innovation Collaborati…


AI in Healthcare: Bridging the Gap Between Potential and Reality

What will it take to bridge these gaps and overcome the challenges that are preventing the healthcare industry from fully embracing the full potential of AI?

Mayo Clinic Launches New Technology Platform

Mayo Clinic Launches New Technology Platform Ventures to Revolutionize Diagnostic Medicine

Mayo Clinic and Commure, a General Catalyst portfolio health care technology company, launch Lucem Health to connect data from remote medical devices …

How can predictive AI/ML help your care strategy?

The benefits of predictive AI & ML in healthcare are clear: it can improve the quality and efficiency of care while reducing costs. It’s time to bring predictive AI & ML into your care strategy.

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