AI SolutionOps

The world’s first platform and process optimized for clinical AI solution development, deployment, and improvement.

What is AI SolutionOps?

You may have heard of “ML Ops” – process and technology to deploy, manage, and scale machine learning models in production environments. ML Ops is great but ML Ops alone does not deliver real world value and impact in healthcare.

Why? Because algorithms are not solutions and math is not better care.

Enter… AI SolutionOps

We invented AI SolutionOps to deliver processes and technology that operationalize clinically focused AI powered solutions in the real world of healthcare delivery – cost effectively, at scale.

ML Ops

First, AI developers use ML Ops to create “engines” that are the core of AI powered solutions.

AI SolutionOps

Then, solution developers use AI SolutionOps to create the “cars” that enable the engines to be useful in the real world.

Who is AI SolutionOps for?

Bring us your…

models and we’ll transform them into complete solutions.transformation goals and we’ll help you achieve them. AI strategy and we’ll help you implement it.AI innovation problem and we’ll help you solve it.

How does AI SolutionOps work?

AI SolutionOps

AI SolutionOps is a bit like a design studio, a factory, a distributor, a dealership, a garage, a diagnostic tool and a service bay all in one.

It enables AI solution developers to design, build, deploy, use, measure, and improve clinical AI solutions using a single, integrated set of technologies supplied by a single vendor – us.

And it is all supported by comprehensive policies, processes, and best practices that help ensure solution quality, efficacy, and usability.

Why work with Lucem Health?

  • Our team has more than 100 years of “school of hard knocks” experience in digital health.

  • We love technology but we never chase shiny objects.

  • We founded the company with Mayo Clinic and are a trusted partner.

  • We are relentless about delivering real world value and impact.

Reveal clinical AI innovation with AI SolutionOps

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