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Combatting the Rising Diabetes Numbers Post-COVID-19 with Lucem Health AI Solutions

COVID-19’s Impact on Diabetes and Prediabetes Progression

COVID-19 has left a lasting impact on global health, including a marked increase in health conditions such as diabetes. A study highlighted by News Medical provides evidence that COVID-19 can cause diabetes in patients and worsen insulin resistance. To address this mounting challenge, healthcare providers can leverage Lucem Health’s AI solutions: Reveal for Diabetes and Reveal for Prediabetes Progression. These solutions offer an additional approach to battling the escalating diabetic patient numbers resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.


Lucem Health’s Reveal for Diabetes and Prediabetes Progression: AI-driven Solutions for Timely Intervention

Lucem Health’s Reveal for Diabetes and Reveal for Prediabetes Progression AI solutions play a pivotal role in detecting those that appear to have higher risk for diabetes. These AI-driven tools harness the power of machine learning and existing EHR data to produce a list of flagged patients for targeted screening.


Timely Detection and Early Intervention: The Foundation of Effective Diabetes Management

Early identification of individuals at higher risk of developing diabetes can not only help prevent the progression of prediabetes but also reduce the downstream complications associated with uncontrolled diabetes. Lucem Health’s AI-powered Reveal solutions point provider teams’ attention to patients with diabetes risk factors, facilitating more meaningful patient interactions without further burdening busy clinicians.


Improved Clinical Outcomes: Assisting Considerations with Data-Driven Insights

By utilizing AI-powered Reveal solutions, healthcare providers can make more accurate decisions based on predictors of diabetes risk and progression. These data-driven insights enable clinicians to implement proactive strategies, ultimately leading to improved clinical outcomes and overall patient wellbeing.


Financial Benefits and Impact: Identifying Higher Risk Individuals for Optimal Resource Allocation

By accurately identifying those that appear to have higher risk for diabetes or prediabetes progression, Lucem Health’s AI solutions have the potential to generate significant financial benefits for healthcare provider organizations. Early intervention and targeted care can reduce long-term costs associated with treating chronic diabetes complications in both value-based care and fee-for-service arrangements. The focus on early intervention and prevention, and appropriate resource allocation, contributes to improved financial outcomes and fosters more sustainable population health management.


Embracing AI Solutions to Combat the Burgeoning Diabetes Challenge

As the world continues to grapple with the far-reaching consequences of COVID-19, healthcare providers must adapt to the rising incidence of diabetes among patients. Lucem Health’s Reveal for Diabetes and Reveal for Prediabetes Progression provide tools and resources to transform healthcare data into actionable insights for more effective diabetes prevention and management. These AI-powered solutions aid in timely detection and intervention, supporting processes that deliver better clinical outcomes for individuals at higher risk of diabetes or facing diabetes progression.

Discover how Lucem Health’s AI-powered Reveal solutions can revolutionize your approach to preventive patient care.

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