This Week in Clinical AI: Episode 3 (8/14/23)

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In This Week in Clinical AI, Episode 3, Jeremy’s joined by a new guest to breakdown a NEJM article and perspective on integrating AI under recent market changes.

This Week in Clinical AI Episode 3 Topics:

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0:42 Topic 1: New England Journal of Medicine Article
  • 2:40 Topic 2: Becker’s Article on Investing Climate & Integrating AI


New England Journal of Medicine Article

A New England Journal article scrutinizes AI in healthcare. The authors favor AI’s support role, not replacement, for healthcare providers. This approach seems reasonable as AI isn’t a fix-all solution. It can still enhance care areas when thoughtfully developed and validated. Therefore, AI’s strengths and boundaries need understanding in health services. The goal is to balance human expertise and AI capabilities. This will improve healthcare results. [1]

Becker’s Article on Investing Climate & Integrating AI

A Beckers article on hospitals integrating AI. It makes some good points we should take to heart. The analysis shows after a period of hype and inflated expectations, hospitals are getting real about implementing AI. The focus now is on integration – not just one-off pilots. This aligns with what we’re seeing. Hospitals want AI that slots smoothly into workflows. It has to be intuitive and actually improve outcomes and efficiency. We need thoughtful collaboration to make AI work in the complex healthcare environment. Cookie-cutter solutions won’t cut it. [2]

This Week in Clinical AI Episode 3 Wrap-Up

Thank you for joining us on this week’s episode of This Week in Clinical AI. Make sure to stay tuned for future episodes on our blog, YouTube, and TikTok, as we continue to explore the exciting advancements in AI and its impact on healthcare.

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