Patient Targeting Example with Reveal for Lower GI

Going from 10,000 patients to about 300 – see how Reveal for Lower GI helps you more efficiently target patients that are at higher statistical risk for colorectal cancer and other lower GI disorders.

Reveal lower GI risks hiding in plain sight

Are you struggling to effectively target patients for colorectal cancer screening? Let Reveal for Lower GI lead the way.

For example, you have 10,000 patients overdue for CRC screening and with the necessary labs. Reveal can identify 3% of these patients as at higher risk for colorectal cancer and other lower GI disorders, leaving you about 300 patients that require priority follow-up.

And here’s the best part – history shows that 70% of those contacted will actually come in for a screening colonoscopy, making a significant impact on catching CRC, advanced adenomas, and other lower GI disorders earlier.

With timely treatment, better outcomes are inevitable. Not only that, but Reveal for Lower GI also allows healthcare providers to deliver more cost-effective care, while giving GI and oncology physicians the opportunity to practice at the top of their licenses. It’s time to take advantage of Reveal for Lower GI and deliver higher value care to your patients.

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