Preventing AFib-Related Stroke with Reveal for Stroke

Reveal for Stroke identifies patients with previously undiagnosed AFib and Atrial Flutter and at higher risk of ischemic stroke, enabling timely preventive care for those who may otherwise go untreated.

Reveal stroke risk

Get ready to dive deep into the pressing issue of AFib-related stroke! This critical health concern can have severe consequences if not properly managed. AFib, short for Atrial Fibrillation, causes irregular heartbeats that can lead to blood clots, stroke, and other complications.

So, what exactly is an AFib-related stroke? When AFib disrupts the heart’s normal rhythm, it can cause dangerous blood clots to form. These clots can travel to the brain, leading to a stroke. Clearly, managing and monitoring AFib effectively is essential.

But fear not! Advanced clinical solutions, such as Reveal for Stroke, can help in identifying undiagnosed AFib and atrial flutter. This technology assists healthcare providers in understanding which patients are at a higher risk for stroke. Don’t wait, stay informed and be proactive in managing AFib to prevent stroke.

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