Reveal for Lower GI Overview Video

Learn how Reveal for Lower GI, Lucem Health’s AI-powered solution, helps target patients who are overdue for standard screening and at higher statistical risk of colorectal cancer (CRC) and other lower GI disorders.

Accelerate detection of CRC and other lower GI disorders

Tired of feeling like you’re fighting an uphill battle against colorectal cancer (CRC) in your community? With limited resources and a third of your patients overdue for screening, it can feel like an impossible task.

But what if there was a way to efficiently prioritize your unscreened patients and focus on those with the highest risk of CRC? Enter Reveal for Lower GI – your secret weapon in the fight against colorectal cancer.

Reveal for Lower GI is like having a superhero sidekick that uses simple data from your EHR to evaluate the records of patients who are overdue for CRC screening. And the results? Studies suggest that patients highlighted by Reveal will have 8x the rate of cancer and 2.5x the rate of advanced adenomas compared to untargeted screening. That’s like having a neon sign pointing you towards the patients who need your help the most!

So, are you ready to take your CRC screening game to the next level? With Reveal for Lower GI, you can target patients with the highest statistical risk and deliver the kind of high-value care that makes a real difference.

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