From Hype to Health: Unlocking the Promise and Potential of AI in Healthcare

Hype to Health White Paper Preview

In healthcare AI there is an undeniable gap between technology and adoption

Artificial intelligence (AI) is nearly impossible to avoid — it’s everywhere. AI is having a profound and growing impact on nearly every aspect of our society — from transforming global supply chains and manufacturing processes to helping us find the fastest route, and a whole lot more. The same buzz can be seen around AI in healthcare, with the difference being that the hype has yet to be translated into better care at scale.

So why the disconnect? If AI has the potential to fundamentally transform healthcare, why is the industry moving so slowly to embrace it? In this white paper learn:

  • The current state of AI in healthcare
  • The three challenges holding healthcare back from fully adopting AI/ML
  • Strategies for making AI actionable in care settings

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