Supercharging Clinical Screening

A modern approach to boosting provider efficiency

Clinical Screening White Paper Grouping

Making AI part of clinical screening programs

Standard screening programs for serious diseases are a bedrock of modern preventative healthcare. From screenings based on risk factors for conditions such as diabetes and lung cancer, to age-driven assessments for colorectal, breast, and prostate cancer — these proactive detection measures have profoundly enhanced patient outcomes and concurrently reduced healthcare expenditures. And while early disease detection screening processes routinely evolve and improve, there are growing opportunities for efficiency through AI-assisted screening.

In this white paper, we discuss AI’s impact on standard screening programs for five common diseases:

  • Understand the makeup and mechanics of early disease detection models.

  • Learn realistic ways AI can target patients for screenings and in improving overall healthcare outcomes.

  • Discover the specific clinical and financial benefits that AI-powered early disease detection solutions provide to healthcare organizations today.

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