Colorectal Cancer Screening Improvement by the Numbers

In the past 40 years, colorectal cancer screening has driven markedly improved health outcomes. Thanks to standard colorectal cancer (CRC) screenings and improved public outreach campaigns, we’ve seen earlier CRC detections, higher survival rates, and lower treatment costs. The opportunity for improvement, though, becomes even greater when Artificial Intelligence (AI) enters the fold.


Colorectal Cancer Screening Improvement with AI

Below is a quick look at expected CRC screening improvements when supported by the proven underlying AI model used by our Reveal for Lower GI solution:

Colorectal Cancer Screening Improvement Blog Graphic

The above graphic is an example cohort of 5,000 patients with an available CBC. Of the 5,000 patients, the AI model flags 3% of the highest risk patients. For this example, let’s assume 70% of those undergo a screening colonoscopy when prompted.


The projected results are remarkable

  • 4.3% of patients flagged by the model and targeted for screenings will be diagnosed with colorectal cancer, compared with fewer than 1% of untargeted patients.
  • 12.5% of targeted patients will be found with advanced adenomas, compared to 5% of untargeted patients.
  • 27.5% of targeted patients will present with polyps, compared to under 20% of untargeted patients.

In other words, the power of AI applied to colorectal cancer screening should provide impressive results: 5x-10x as many CRC diagnoses, 2x the identification of advanced adenomas, and a 40% increase in polyp detection in comparison to non-targeted screenings. In a study at Geisinger, the real-world results found that screened patients presented with even higher rates of lower GI disorders.


The Future for Colorectal Cancer Screening Improvement

Employing AI technology in CRC screening can significantly enhance the efficacy of this vital preventative measure. By helping to target patients with higher apparent risk, we make a crucial leap toward colorectal cancer screening improvement.

Want to dive deeper? Check out our white paper that highlights how early disease detection solutions could supercharge screening for 5 common diseases. Or get in touch to find out what impact augmenting colorectal cancer screening could have for your organization.

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