This Week in Clinical AI_Episode 2

This Week in Clinical AI, Episode 2 (8/7/23)

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In This Week in Clinical AI, Episode 2, Jeremy provides commentary on some instances of practical and impractical uses of AI in healthcare.

This Week in Clinical AI Episode 2 Topics:

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0:25 Topic 1: AI Chabot Manipulation in Healthcare
  • 1:56 Topic 2: Why AI Doesn’t Mean Cheaper Healthcare

A practical approach for AI in healthcare:

A recent New York Times article focuses on potential risks of AI-powered chatbots. These bots can produce harmful or misleading information. This development raises serious concerns in our digital world. The article suggest that open source might be a solution. Open source promotes transparency, collaboration, and community-based oversight. These could counteract the risks. Open source gives a clear view of the tech used, simplifying problem identification and resolution. The piece proposes that open-source could boost AI safety, and also suggests ethical use of AI. [1]


A not-so-practical approach for AI in healthcare:

A recent Andressen Horowitz article proposes that AI will significantly impact healthcare, more so than other industries. However, it seemingly ignores persistent healthcare problems such as accessibility and quality of care. These issues, present for decades, are noticeably absent from the AI impact discourse in the article. The disconnect between AI’s potential and its ability to resolve these enduring problems does not receive adequate attention. For a comprehensive discussion of AI’s impact on healthcare, we cannot ignore these issues. [2]


This Week in Clinical AI Episode 2 Wrap-Up:

Thank you for joining us on this week’s episode of This Week in Clinical AI. Make sure to stay tuned for future episodes on our blog, YouTube, and TikTok, as we continue to explore the exciting advancements in AI and its impact on healthcare.

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